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clean air for all

Air is free for all. Free of cost, free of economic bias, free of geographic boundaries, free of demographic prejudice. It is available to every living being by the laws of nature. But the quality of this air is compromised as we descend the societal ladder.

One section of the society can choose to live in an environment of clean air, build homes with better ventilation and install air purifiers and chimneys. Meanwhile, lower income groups are living in small spaces with no choice but to breathe toxic air from open drains, factories, vehicles, smoke from biomass cooking stoves and burning wood to keep themselves warm in winters. 

Both sections of the society contribute to the ambient air pollution level, but one of them is affected worse than the other due to clear economic disparity.

We, at Sarva, want to break this socio-economic barrier between healthy air and people in need. We aim to introduce technology-driven affordable innovations to the communities in need, with the help of more like minded people who believe in community welfare and want to facilitate better lives with better air quality.

Not only is Sarva providing free of cost air sensors and air cleaners to lower-income groups, but we also want to empower anyone who is looking for solutions to the air pollution crisis, to be able to build their own air cleaners. Sarva is equipping this space with an open source platform for students, teachers, activists or hobbyists who are looking for self-reliant, creative and cost-effective solutions.

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how we work

Sarva moves forward with one community at a time with the help of contributions from philanthropic individuals and organizations that support the “Clean Air for All” mission to help those who face deadly health hazards from air pollution every day with a simple act of breathing and have no means to improve their living conditions.

The financial assistance from such groups enable us to identify the areas with high air pollution levels and install our air monitoring and air cleaning technology in such locations with the administrative support of local authorities.

Along with installation and technical support, our team also ensures continuous maintenance of the filters used in air cleaners, as well as collect real-time data to determine the improvement in air quality.

our partners


powered by ActiveBuildings

Sarva was conceptualized by the air-quality experts at ActiveBuildings in the year 2022 recognizing the surge in health problems in overlooked communities due to rising air pollution levels.

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