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For advanced developers looking for updates, ideas and inspiration that can help build and design software projects, proceed to the Git repository.


To bring together people with common interests and skills, we are introducing a discussion forum platform. You can share your ideas and questions and also help others with your knowledgeable and civil contributions.

open source guidelines

Open Source allows free-flow of information between like-minded individuals. To learn how to use this platform and make the most of it, read the guidelines and frequently asked questions.

open source projects

Open source is one of our ways to reach as many people as possible virtually, to share information and teach about building self-reliant projects and devices that can be used by anyone be it a school-student or a concerned senior citizen to tackle poor air quality.

information about indoor air

World Health Organization states that household air pollution was responsible for an estimated 3.2 million deaths per year in 2020, including over 2,37,000 deaths of children under the age of 5. Household air pollution is a deadly but avoidable evil. While we cannot do much for air pollution outside, indoor air quality in our homes is in our control.

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